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Community Engaged Learning

Engaging UCSB
students with local public schools and community organizations. Our team delivers engaging, culturally relevant programming for students navigating their educational journey. 

Translating Research Into Policy and Practice

Supporting our
faculty in disseminating their findings to the public.


Community Engaged Research

Deploying the robust strength of UCSB’s research program in local communities to find solutions to issues in social and environmental [intersectional] justice). 

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Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning (CEL)combines academic coursework with the application of institutional resources to address challenges facing communities.

Community Based Research

Community-Based Research (CBR) is a powerful model of engaged scholarship in which students, faculty, and community members collaborate on research to solve pressing community problems or effect social change.

Educational Reform

Close achievement gaps, promote rigorous accountability, and ensure that all students are on track to graduate college- and career-ready. 

Inter-Sectional Justice

Advocacy and policy-oriented research to make anti-discrimination and equality policy more inclusive and address structural inequalities,

Social Justice Literacy

Literacy, social justice and inclusive practice, will explore some specific examples of the tensions and debates linked to the aim of achieving literacy for all. 

Translating Research

Disseminating their findings to the public.


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The newly established Center at UCSB aims to bridge the gap between research and the community. 

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